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Italian Pasta March 18, 2011

Filed under: Dinner,Pasta,Recipe Swap,Side Dish,Summer,Vegetarian Optional — laurms15 @ 3:34 pm

This is the recipe that I contributed to this weeks vegetarian swap. Its my go-to dish and if I’m missing an ingredient its ok I just use what I have. Also I will add balsamic to make it a great cold pasta salad.

(1) Box of pasta – I use whole wheat for health or tri color because it looks nice
(1) Jar of Roasted Red Peppers
(1) Jar of Artichoke Hearts
(1) Jar of sun dried tomatoes
(1) Jar of pitted kalamata olives
**Broccoli or asparagus – optional
Fresh Parsley or Basil (I’ve used both depending on whats in the house)
Olive Oil – may not be necessary
Parmesan Cheese – to taste I usually use a lot

This is my go to veggie pasta (and it also makes a great COLD pasta salad) Its very quick and I always have a jar of each of these things in the house.

I cut up all of the veggies while the pasta is cooking then mix them all together in a bowl. Sometimes I add a little olive oil or sometimes I use the oil from one of the jars I find that has more flavor. Then on top I sprinkle the basil or parsley and the parmesan cheese.
**If I have broccoli or asparagus in the house I will saute them and add one of them in as well just to get in some more greens.


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